Join Us in Advocacy

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Thank you to all of the readers of our initial blog post and the tens of thousands of viewers of the accompanying video who commented and attempted to contact us regarding our tiny house. I’m not an attention seeker and I just put the information out there and started doing other things in life. Also, shortly after the posting, I began working for a regulatory authority enforcing development laws, which then posed some conflicts of interest.

I am excited to have recently returned to private sector engineering consulting, as well as to the tiny house movement as an advocate for changing the development laws to allow and encourage the use of tiny houses as part of the solution to the great affordable housing crisis affecting our towns all across the nation.

Please join us in advocacy. Here are some of the factors we hope to affect:

  • Zoning laws
  • Building codes and inspections
  • Land availability
  • Financing and insurance
  • Community

Thanks, ya’ll.